5 Adventure TED Talks that will Inspire

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Not everyone is able to get out and go on an adventure every day of their lives. For those weekend warriors who are looking to pass the time to get to your next adventure. We have put together a list of ten adventure themed TED Talks for you to enjoy.

1. Unseen footage, untamed nature

Filmmaker Karen Bass shares some of the astonishing nature footage she has shot for the BBC and National Geographic.

2. To raise brave girls, encourage adventure

Caroline Paul explains that gutsy, girls skateboard, climb trees, fall down, scrape their knees and get right back up. Those girls grow up to be brave women. Learn how to inspire your adventerous girls to grow up into condident risk takers.

3. 9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing

Veteran rock climber Matthew Childs shares nine rock climbing pointers that are handy to use during life at sea level.

4. What’s left to explore

What is left for our next generation to explpore? Biologist and explorer Nathan Wolfe discusses where we can start.

5. To the SOuth Pole and Back – the hardest 105 days of my life

Ben Saunders takes you along his 1800-mile round trip to the South Pole and back.

Do you have a favorite Adventure Themed TED Talk? We would love to hear about them! Leave a link or a description down in the comments.

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Adam Nutting is an avid hiker, adventurer, and Eagle Scout. He has over 10 years of web design, development, social media and digital marketing experience. He shares his adventures on his site HikingTheTrail.com and blogs about social media and blogging here on Epic Social.

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