Hell Hike and Raft

The adventure takes 12 bloggers and social media influencers into the backcountry of Idaho. There they will spend 6 days of backpacking and whitewater rafting. This adventure takes them down trails that pass through the highest peaks of the Seven Devils and to the lowest depths of Hells Canyon.

Hell Hike and Raft 2015

HHAR 2015 Group

The 2015 Crew atop Dry Diggins peak.

Hell Hike and Raft 2014

HHAR 2014 Group

The Hell Hike and Raft 2014 Crew and Guides at the Trailhead. PC: Val at Valinreallife.com

How It All Started.

Hell Hike and Raft is a 6 day backpacking and white water rafting adventure through Hells Canyon in beautiful northern Idaho. Parker from Americas Rafting Company emailed Adam from Hiking The Trail with a simple idea. Lets get a group of outdoor adventure enthusiasts who are active on social media together and take them on an epic adventure.

The 2014 Adventure was such a huge success that Epic Social Adventures was formed. An organization dedicated to recreating the Hell Hike and Raft experience. With the help of Americas Rafting Company we took another group of great adventures on another epic adventure in 2015 which was also a huge success.

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