Epic Social Partners with HBF Outdoors to Promote Connecting Through Shared Experiences

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Epic Social and HBF Outdoors have partnered together for the second year to promote connecting through stared experiences. Created in 2017 The Laural Highlands Experience more commonly known as LHX is the passion project of Brian Ford. His vision was to connect with outdoor bloggers and social media influencers and bring them all together. This would be done during a week of backpacking, connecting in person, and outdoor fellowship.  The 2017 trip was a huge success. The team hiked 50 miles of the Laural Highlands Hiking Trail.  A couple other participants joined and left when needed due to scheduling, but still enjoyed their time with the team. The team came together from all over the United States and Canada.

Laural Highlands Experience 2018.

With the success of the 2017 trip a 2018 trip has been scheduled for the spring of 2018.  Team members are being announced by Brian on his social media channels as they join. He will continue to use the #LHX2018 hashtag to provide updates as well as a page was created on his website. The team will hike the same section of the trail that was hiked the previous year. Brian has made small adjustments to the trip based upon feedback from last years participants, but the overall goals are the same.

Connecting To Give Back

The gathering is more than just getting a bunch of like minded outdoor lovers together for a week long backpacking trip. This gathering is also a way for the bloggers and social media influencers to come together online to help promote and collect donations for Gear Forward.

Gear Forward is a non profit organization that is dedicated to providing underprivileged youth lightly used gear and adventure equipment. This equipment helps them go to summer camps, weekend camp outs, and big adventure trips.   Fostering and nurturing the love of the outdoors is and always has been a passion of Gear Forward founder and Eagle Scout Scott Gauvin. To learn more about Gear Forward and their give back initiatives please visit their website at gearforward.org.

We are extremely honored to be asked back to be a 2018 partner for what is going to be another Epic Adventure. Happy trails to all of the participants and we are looking forward to the social media posts.

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